SplashNotes 1.1

Create and manage notes on your Smartphone


  • Powerful categorisation system
  • Easy text entry
  • Online help


  • Takes a while to learn

Not bad

If, like me, you're rubbish at staying organised then perhaps you need to do something about it. You could, of course, jot everything down on a bit of paper, but quite frankly that's both old fashioned and impractial.

Instead, why not give SplashNotes a try and keep on top of everything using your phone. The software allows you to manage all kinds of notes and lists on your mobile device, helping you to ensure that you never forget anything and giving you the power to jot down and manage literally any information you like.

Entering information into the program is really easy but where the program really excels is in its categorisation tools. You can create as many categories as you choose and organise them all using an expandable tree structure.

In order to master the program you'll need to spend a fair amount of time practicing in order to discover its many hidden features. Luckily though, there's a very comprehensive online user guide to help you out.

If you want an information manager that gives you total control over your notes, you won't go far wrong with SplashNotes.

Whether you are taking notes in class or a meeting, planning a project, keeping track of vehicles or health, or just outlining your ideas, SplashNotes is a very powerful assistant. Create outlines of any size and complexity, and turn them into checklists if you wish.

Attach notes and drawings for quick reference. Use it on a Windows desktop computer or on your Windows Mobile Smartphone, and synchronize your notes between the two. The possibilities are endless for how you can employ this application.

Get organized with SplashNotes.



SplashNotes 1.1

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